Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Imaginext Kohl's Exclusive Sky Racers Gift Set On Sale

Our pal Richard alerted us to this new Imaginext Exclusive Sky Racers Set from Kohl's. Normally $37.99, the set is on sale for 30% off this week-- so it might be worth checking the store to see if there are any other sets on sale for normal price. Kohl's has a surprising amount of exclusive toys for Imaginext, which you probably guessed by reading this page, so it might be worth the trip if you don't normally go there. Especially if you like the aeroplanes.

Thanks, Richard!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kohl's Imaginext Rescue Sets

ViceGripX also sent in a shot of a couple of Rescue Vehicles which I've seen locally as part of a largely generic city/rescue collection. A few smaller sets are out as well, but his photo shows off the Rescue Helicopter and Rescue Ambulance with the cool "R" logo on the side. These colorful vehicles are a little clunky as the try-me packaging goes, but they have some neat features and are only sold at the one place you probably never go to for toys.

New Kohl's Exclusive Superfriends Batman Set

Your pal and mine ViceGripX sent a couple of pictures to us today of new Imaginext items at Kohl's. The first: a new Super Friends gift set. The Batwing appears to be an inverse of the regular retail release, with blue and black swapping places. The Motorcycle for Two-Face and the Moon Rover for the Joker seem to be exclusive to this set, and are repainted versions of other Imaginext toys.

From the photo, it looks like this set is about $37.99 which, while expensive, is about in line with other Kohl's toys.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Review: Fisher-Price Imaginext Space Station Toy Set

While not a new set per se, the Fisher-Price Imaginext Space Station Toy Set is an impressive beast! With two figures, a mini flight pod, an alien creature, and a ton of action features it is the playset most action figures only dream of getting in their toy lines.

...because nobody makes playsets for older kids anymore, you see.

Anyway, read all about it on 16bit.com's Figure of the Day!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Coming 2012: Gotham Jail Imaginext Batman Playset, More for 2012

Feel like being patient for a while? This forum shows an image of the as-of-yet-unreleased Gotham Jail with Bane set coming in summer 2012, no doubt in time for The Dark Knight Rises, a movie which is not at all appropriate for the audience for this product. (Well, the young audience anyway.) It's about as close to an Arkham Asylum as the line is likely to get. Also shown is a Joker Tank, a new Bat-tumbler-esque vehicle, and a new Batman Jetpack set.

The Joker Tank is particularly neat in how it recalls character-specific vehicles from Kenner in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Don't miss this post-- be sure to check these out over at The Rumor Buster!

Imaginext Advent Calendar Approaches

After years of LEGO and Playmobil getting in on the action, Fisher-Price has an Imaginext Advent Calendar which will, presumably, be hitting stores soon. Focusing on a city rescue theme, the motorcycle, figures, and rescue equipment are doled out to kids one-per-day leading up to Christmas. (As is tradition, you can just rip it open and play with it too.)

For now there's only the one known style, but who knows-- maybe next year we'll see Super Friends or Dinosaur-specific calendars!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kmart Gets New DC Comics Super Friends Gift Set

A Kmart store in Phoenix, AZ today had a new (to me) gift set featuring Batman, Green Lantern, and the Joker with a Batcopter, a small disc-firing Green Lantern vehicle, and the Joker's hammer motorcycle. The set is $24.99.

I was unable to get a picture, but you can see it on this eBay auction.

The Joker and cycle seem to be repackaged versions of the existing basic ($6) set. The Batcopter has a unique deco, with a blue window and a black body. Batman also seems to have an exclusive paint job. The Green Lantern figure looks the same as the others (there were none to compare to confirm this), but the car seems to be exclusive to this set-- so far, at least.

So 2 old pieces, 4 "new" pieces from the look of it-- good hunting!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Imaginext Kmart Dinosaur Pack

Charlie Parry
wrote in with a picture of the new Kmart Exclusive Imaginext Dinosaurs Set, which should be in stores now. Each set is $24.99 and includes redecoes of the Pteranodon (in blue) and the Raptor (in green).

To date this is the only known exclusive Dinosaurs set (with the Dino-Riders style toys) but as always, we'll keep you posted as we find more!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Imaginext Dinosaurs Doc and Exo Suit Released

In my hunts last week I saw the Imaginext Dinosaurs Doc and Exo Suit set, which repaints the existing smaller "mech" suit and adds a small pterosaur to the mix. Unlike the picture, the sample I saw had the opening canopy section completely vac-metal-- not black and vac-metal silver, but totally silver with a couple of painted details. (It was scuffed, otherwise I'd have bought it.) It ships in the same case as the Ankylosaurus and Raptor sets. Good hunting! A lot of new items are showing up now, particularly at Kmart and Target due to their resets.

This set retails for about $10.99. Previously the Mech Suit has been sold in other colors and with other figures for $5.99-$6.99. Minus the dinosaur, obviously.

Imaginext Sales

This week Toys R Us is running a sale on all Imaginext toys-- buy 1, get 1 50% off. Since the stores are just now resetting this section, this means items like the new Batcave and the new Dino-Riders inspired Dinosaurs sets will be included if they are available.

Meanwhile, Target stores continue their clearances which vary slightly from store to store. I saw a number of items, including fighter plane gift sets and the Super Friends Joker's Fun House Playset, marked down to 50% off. It might be a good time to check those aisles!

Yes, Another Blog

Yup, another one. I haven't been able to find a good resource to keep track of interesting stuff with the Fisher-Price Imaginext line, so I'm building this blog to keep tabs on new comings and goings. I've followed the line on and off since the first castle-themed "trial packs" many years ago, which seemed to be more construction-based than what essentially amount to a good minifigure toy line which they run well today.