Friday, December 21, 2012

Imaginext Dinosaurs Raptor Revision - Dilophosaurus

The Raptor got a bit of a facelift!  This new version started showing up in mid-December 2012, and as luck would have it I had a camera when I went to Target today.

Called "Raptor," the figure is similar to the previous releases with a retooled head and gear.  Now in bright orange, the little guy has a frilled collar like the spitters from Jurassic Park and the opening mouth has been removed.

The gear seems to be changed quite a bit, and the coloring looks decidedly less evil.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Deal: Imaginext Toy Story Pizza Planet, $17.49 at Amazon has the Imaginext Toy Story Pizza Planet set on sale for $17.59. (It's been as low as $15 tonight.) Prices may vary, but you might want to consider grabbing it if it's still marked down. The set is usually around $45.

Seen any other deals?  Let us know!