Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Review: Fisher-Price Imaginext Dinosaur Ankylosaurus

I can't remember who told me this, but someone in the industry let me know that Imaginext is currently being run by a 1980s toy fiend. So it's no surprise that the Ankylosaurus and his dinosaur buddies all reek of two other great "feature"-driven 1980s toy lines-- Tyco's Dino-Riders (rumored to be owned by Mattel, who also owns the Tyco brand) and Kenner's M.A.S.K. (still owned by Hasbro.) As you can see, what you get here is an adorable kid-friendly dinosaur, a clear yellow mask (similar to the "Split Seconds" line from Kenner) and a bunch of other play gear for about ten bucks. If it came in an enclosed box so it wouldn't be covered in shopper bacteria before your kid buys it to stick in his mouth/up his nose, what you'd have here is a recipe for greatness. As it's marketed to toddlers, it doesn't get a lot of traction with collectors.

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