Friday, November 9, 2012

Imaginext Toy Story Expands with More Exclusives

 Once again our pal Matt sent in a ton of new photos of new exclusive and non-exclusive Imaginext.  Thank you Matt!  For starters, Toys R Us has a sub-line of space-themed exclusives like Woody with Spaceship.  Woody is in a futuristic outfit and includes one of the sentries from the beginning of Toy Story 2, plus a rocket for some reason.  I like it.
 On the non-exclusive front, we're seeing Army Men and Buzz Lightyear with Jetpack in non-movie colors.  The Army Men are particularly interesting in that we are now seeing toys of superlative quality designed to recall the cheapest of the cheap plastic toys.
 Buzz Lightyear now has his Star Command playset, another entry in Toys R Us' growing suite of exclusives.  It comes with a small starship modeled after the Buzz Lightyear packaging from the Toy Story films, plus numerous moving parts and some sort of elevator.  Buzz comes in unique colors here.
Rounding out this batch of exclusive photos is the delightfully demented Rex with Spaceship, which finally gives you the dinosaur-and-vehicle play you were denied in the 1980s when Galoob opted not to pick up the Dinosaucers option.  A small Zurg Sentry is included here as well.  Thanks again for the pictures, Matt, we really appreciate it here!

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