Friday, November 9, 2012

New Imaginext DC Comics Super Friends Exclusives Spotted

Our pal Matt strikes again with tons of new pictures! Part of the ever-growing Toys R Us exclusive Gotham City sub-line of DC Super Friends, this Batwing is showing up now.  There are several other vehicles, including an armored van for Two-Face, and some new mini vehicles.
This duo of Cyborg & ATV and Batman & Rover recycle existing vehicles with new deco, although I'm pretty sure this is the first Cyborg figure in the line.  The Rover has been used for Green Lantern as well as the space line before, and these are exclusive to Toys R Us.
While not exclusive, it appears Batman & Sub is showing up as well as Aquaman & Robo Shark at Target stores for about $7.29.   Costs are going up, but hey, that's the toy market!

Rounding out the new DC offerings is a Mr. Freeze Headquarters, significantly larger than the mini one we saw at Toys R Us a couple of years back.  This doesn't seem to be an exclusive, and it includes both Mr. Freeze as well as a snowy Batman.  Happy hunting!


  1. I really appreciate this blog. My son (and I) are avid Imaginext collectors and it is tough to keep up with the releases. Also, this is the first toy blog we can look at and get excited about together. Just in time for Christmas, no less.

  2. I'm definitely heading to Toys R us to get my Batman with Moon Rover since I do not have a Imaginext Super Friends collectible yet and this will jumpstart my collection since I currently started collecting Imaginext yesterday, it was a leap of faith, yup for some reason I ended up at the Imaginext section of Toys R US in my hometown immersed at Super Friends and the vivid colors of the Imaginext Packaging. Anyone recommend a good Super Friends playset that's cool, inexpensive since I'm a starter.