Thursday, December 12, 2013

New Imaginext Space - Ion Vehicles

Your friend and mine Reader Matt wrote in today to inform us that Kohl's has begun stocking new-for-2014 Imaginext Space sets, and he was kind enough to send along pictures of his various finds.

The big ship to the right is the Ion Orbiter, and that other sets include the Ion Crab and Ion Scorpion. The Ion Crab's armor is reversible.


  1. this is totally awesome. Outstanding colors. How is the articulation on the limbs on the aliens? Are they different from the existing figurines from other sets in the Imaginext line? I was wondering if the arms can be moved in an axis. I wish my Toys R us or Target will carry these series.

  2. I've seen these at some Targets. I'll have a review of Ion Scorpion up on Friday, it's pretty cool. The figures have the exact same range of movement as the other guys, nothing new there yet.