Friday, January 24, 2014

Review: Fisher-Price Imaginext Space Ion Scorpion

Fisher-Price Imaginext Space Ion ScorpionI like toys. I like characters, but toys I like more - mostly because a new toy line could birth a whole new generation of characters and, yes, more toys. The Imaginext Ion Scorpion comes from a space line that feels fresh and also pays tribute to a couple of decades of space toys. The figure looks like it could be the grandson of Repto or Kronos, and the colors are bright and inviting - like most action figures aren't. Were it not for super hero toys, the toy aisle would be an increasingly muted and largely dreary. The 3-inch aisles are where it gets the most interesting with Imaginext and to a lesser extent, Hasbro/Playskool's Robot Heroes and Super Hero Adventures lines. (Jedi Force is effectively dead, so let's keep moving along.) I snagged this set on a tip from the one and only Matt Doughty that they started hitting Kohl's last month, and as an added bonus I found that they were 50% off when I was there. I couldn't say no at that price - Imaginext single blind-bag figures are usually $3. $5 for a figure with a vehicle? I'm sold!

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