Friday, January 31, 2014

Review: Fisher-Price Imaginext Space Ion Crab

Fisher-Price Imaginext Space Ion CrabI had no real reason to buy the Imaginext Ion Crab other than it looks neat. It's amazing to me that one of the more interesting toys in recent memory is a vehicle with a cool, nameless alien figure aimed at toddlers. It's a durable little set and feels like it could withstand some abuse in sandboxes, tubs, and with actual children - which is something I don't think I can say about most toys examined here.

The 3-inch green figure has blue claws and red hair like Blanka from Street Fighter II. His legs are bony, but by and large he could pass as an alien crab. Sure, he's got a little red tail on his butt but who am I to judge? Sculpting is on par with or better than most Imaginext figures (in that it has original sculpting) and he's got a little "i" branded on his ankle. Compared to the creatures in the blind-bags or previous years of Space figures, this is pretty amazing. The detail is positively toylike and the bright, neon colors are sure to blind collectors from its greatness. It wouldn't stun me to see this mold redecorated in the future, warts and all. (It has warts.)

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